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About Lo Man Kam

Lo Man Kam

Lo Man Kam was born in Hong Kong in 1933. In 1950, along with Liang Hsiang, Luo Yau, and other kung fu
greats, he began to learn Wing Chun at the Kowloon Restaurant Association (Mess Union) from
Grandmaster Yip Man, who besides being his kung fu teacher, was also his maternal uncle.
Later he followed Yip Man to Hai Tian Street, then Lee Tat Street, and finally to Lee Jing Village where he
continued to learn Wing Chun under Master Yip's tutelage.

In 1960 Lo Man Kam left Hong Kong for Taiwan, where he entered the Military Academy of the Special Forces.
In 1975, after a distinguised career as a military officer, Lo, who had attained the rank of major, receivead an
honorable discharge.

Upon re-entering civilian life, Master Lo began to teach Wing Chun Kung-Fu in Taipei. As some of his students
became skilled fighters, Master Lo took them to participate in several Martial Arts Competition where they
achieved very good results, including:

- Taipei City Championships, 1st Place;
- Taipei Municipality Mayor's Cup Championships, 3rd Place;
- Taipei Chung Ching Cup, 1st Place;
- 1st Annual All-Asia Kung Fu Grand Championships, 1st Place and in the women's division;
- Presidential Cup Grand Championships, 1st Place;
- 4th Annual World Chinese Martial Arts Grand Championships, 2nd Place.

One only need enter the living room of his Taipei residence to see additional evidence of the achievements of
Master Lo and his students. The walls are lined with medals, penants, calligraphy scrolls, photographs and other
forms of tribute presented to him not only by past and present students, but other kung fu master as well.
Moreover, dozens of trophies, cups and plaques earned in kung fu exhibitions and competitions adorn every
available desk, shelf and countertop.

As a consequence of the abilities behind his many awards and achievements, Lo Man Kam's reputation as a
superb teacher has spread not only throughout Asia, but also to Europe, the Americas, Australia, and even Africa.
Thus, he has never seen it necessary to advertize for students. Word of mouth, as well as feature articles on him
in French, German, Chinese and English publications have drawn students from all corners of the world.
The nature and type of students he teaches ranges from celebrated kung fu movie stars to the grandson of
Chiang Kai Shek, and from the sons of foreign ambassadors to young Chinese school girls.

Although he has received many lucrative offers to go abroad and teach, Master Lo Man Kam has yet to take
advantage of these opportunities. At present, in addition to classes at Chinese Cultural University, Master Lo
does most of his teaching in the living room-cum-gym, and on the huge roof-top patio of his Taipei Residence.

In 2001 master Lo was invited by the country of Brunei to teach the king and prince.

Sifu Lo Man Kam

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